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Mopar Cars What Does "Mopar" Mean In The World Of Cars?

What does "Mopar" mean in the world of cars? - mopar cars

With particular emphasis on Plymouth Hemi Barracuda, is the term most likely be used for other cars.


Ironhand said...

Motor Parts MOPAR cleansing Daimler / Chrysler Corporation. Initially, it was similar to parts of Chrysler, Ford Motor Craft. They have very big in the 60's & 70's in the circuit racing and muscle cars. Now it is general enough for Chrysler products.

Tyra B said...

Mopar is involved, the manufacturer of the parties, Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge and De Soto. It stands for Motor Parts.

ErasmusB... said...

This stands for "more runnin 'to the parties'

ak said...

Dodge, Plymouth and Chrysler. The term derives from the fifties or sixties. The Hemi Engine Mopar are really on the map since the fifties. Its peak during the sixties and seventies, when the race for 428 Hemi engines completely ruled out tracks in the United States. The engines were so powerful that the limits were placed on them, regulate their Outout Chevrolet and Ford as they do not compete with them. Not only Hemis race, when she on the runway.
Mopar nor shall always have a special place in the heart of muscle cars. I remember when mastered roadrunner and excellent Challengers and Cudas and Chargers and satellites of Fury and the street. I had a 1969 with a loader 383 Commando, which was quite frightening in power. The indestructible Mopar drivetrain, these cars are just a piece of heaven for us all, young people with too much testosterone. My charger is absolutely necessary to burn tires, the twinkling of an eye. Most of us improve practice with an automatic transmission and brakes. There was nothing shPlace of inspiration when I feel some pressure to the brake pedal. Sufficient to block the front wheels, but we are still turning the rear wheels. When I felt the sweet spot with his left foot, I would leave the shifter in low and add power smoothly, with the right foot. The rear of the car creeps in and I feel that the rear wheels begin to turn. There was a little "move" the feeling that the tires accelerated by a speed range. If the wheels r / min enough that I understand the full force of the pedal firewall and 383 affected almost explode with horses. The stern is easily rise again and began to smoke wheel wells cook. I would be there until I could not see behind the car on the side of the mirror and the smoke began to fill the cabin. Then let the brake and the front almost from the ground like the sticky-hot-15 joined Goodyear L60 increased. A friend told me that he saw the air in the right front tire again. If the rev over 4500 rpm achieved, I push the shifter & quoT, D "and let the tranny handle the power. I've never lost a race in the car.
This is a Mopar. Ugh! Those were the days.

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